Here are a few examples of what people have been saying about us:

"A highly respected professional and an outstanding Head"

I have known and worked with Stephanie Bell for many years. She is a highly respected professional and an outstanding Head. Stephanie will bring not only her professional experience and expertise, but also her personal integrity and care for the individual child to this new venture. I am looking forward to working with her.

Antonia Beary, Chairman of CISC and Headmistress of Mayfield School

“Stephanie Bell is an experienced adviser. She has integrity and gives parents great, honest advice about schools.”

Barnaby Lenon, Former Headmaster of Harrow School and Chairman of the Independent Schools Council (ISC)

“I recommend Stephanie very highly. In my time working with her she was a superb role model and mentor to our aspiring Heads and as a Headmistress her impact was transformational.”

Raymond Friel, CEO of Plymouth CAST, a multi academy trust 

"We would recommend her advice, no-nonsense approach, and the wealth of contacts she possess in the sector"

We contacted Stephanie Bell when considering a School for our daughters and son in anticipation of re-locating to the UK after several years in the US.  We immediately understood that we could place our trust in her and rely on her to provide the kind of education (both academic and pastoral) that we were seeking for our children.  Throughout our eight-year experience, Stephanie did not once disappoint.

The Ceccato family

"Stephanie was an invaluable source of guidance & support"

Hugely knowledgable, wonderfully caring and totally committed, she understood our child and what was important to us as a family and was always ready with both practical advice and illuminating insights which helped us make the right decisions. In the end, our daughter won a place at our first choice of school and, since the moment she started, we have never doubted that we had made the right choice.

When the time came for our younger daughter to apply for senior school, the choice of school was easy but Stephanie was definitely instrumental in helping her win a scholarship to a top independent school. She too is happy and flourishing.

Stephanie has continued to follow the girls’ progress at senior school and we will always be grateful to her for everything she has done for us.

The Tiana family

"We cannot speak highly enough of Mrs Stephanie Bell on all levels. Her kind and caring personality is infectious, her zest and passion for her work is inspiring and her love for the children she is guiding is quite enchanting."

When we returned from the Middle East in 2014 we had the challenge of moving our three daughters into the UK independent education system.  We were looking for trusted advice, impartiality and experienced guidance knowing that the decision we were about to make on the right school for our girls would be the core to their future successful education.

We met Stephanie Bell who provided an abundance of knowledge with targeted information and expertise to ensure we made the right decision. Not only was her approach extremely professional, but it came with warmth and sensitivity tailoring the needs and aspirations of each child.

Selecting the correct senior school for our girls was made so much easier with someone who knew every aspect of every school. Stephanie has contacts with all the Heads and was able to provide the most professional and knowledgeable support any parent could ask for. She encouraged our twins to achieve their dreams and helped them attain five scholarships.

If you are lucky enough to secure her outstanding services, you will be giving your child the very best opportunity to achieve something very special.

The Sharpe family

"Stephanie’s advice was indispensable when selecting a senior school for our daughter. She demonstrated such a depth of knowledge of all the schools and the key contacts but more importantly than that she was passionate in placing our child in the right school."

This was all done by her investing the time in understanding our values as family and the needs of our daughter. With this information she was quite quickly able to recommend schools and I have to say she was spot on. We are so grateful for all that Stephanie has done for us and we cannot recommend her highly enough.

The Taylor family

“Stephanie carried out a complex investigation into Governance and School Leadership issues in a most sensitive situation. She conducted her work with the utmost discretion, professionalism and care."

Her ability to engage with key stakeholders in a respectful but thorough manner enabled an extremely useful report to be compiled, showing the way forward for future action. I could not recommend her more highly.

Mike Pittendreigh, Asst Director of Education, Diocese of Westminster

“Our daughter was a pupil at Rydes Hill Preparatory School during Mrs Stephanie Bell's tenure as Head. We cannot overstate how wonderful Mrs Bell was as a Headmistress and in looking after us a family. Even before our daughter’s arrival at Rydes Hill, Mrs Bell showed such care in all our dealings with her that I had the sense straight away that she would love and encourage her as though she was her own daughter."

“Mrs Bell championed our daughter during her time at Rydes Hill. But what is more amazing, I discovered this was not favouritism and that Mrs Bell loves every single one of her pupils.

Perhaps most invaluable of all was the help, guidance and encouragement that Mrs Bell gave our family in relation to choosing a senior school. My husband and I are not from the UK and so we were initially completely unfamiliar with how the application process worked. We felt at a disadvantage in choosing schools as we did not have a long familiarity with the UK education system. Mrs Bell stepped into that gap in our knowledge. She has long-standing positive relationships with numerous head teachers at many well known senior schools. Knowing her even longer than we do, they rightly hold her in very high regard.

Because of Mrs Bell’s care in getting to know us and our daughter, she was able to help us narrow things down to just four schools for serious consideration. Mrs Bell contacted each school on our behalf to discuss our daughter and our interest in their school. When we visited the schools we felt particularly warmly welcomed and loved them all! No doubt the warm relationship Mrs Bell has with the schools and their Heads helped with this. Gradually however, the best choice for us came into view.

Our daughter was exceptionally well prepared by Mrs Bell’s staff for the entrance exam. However the application process involved a lot more than one two-hour exam. Our daughter had to write a personal statement and Mrs Bell was extremely helpful in giving us guidance on how to structure the statement. She looked at the initial draft and gave further guidance. It is a testimony to how well prepared she was, that she came out of the assessment day beaming and declared that she had loved it all!

We must also mention the reference letter that all head teachers have to write for each pupil’s application to senior school. Mrs Bell’s references are so valuable. Furthermore, although we hadn’t considered it -because the application process was quite onerous and we were wary of putting extra pressure on our daughter- Mrs Bell strongly encouraged us to go for a scholarship. I am so grateful to Stephanie that her unfailing and unwavering belief in our daughter meant that we went ahead and applied for a Sports Scholarship. This required further, more specific personal statements and a further day of assessments and observations. The upshot of all this is that our daughter is presently a thriving and happy Sports Scholar. We are delighted that she is doing so well and her latest news is that she intends to apply for an Academic Scholarship!

Stephanie Bell will pour her heart and soul into your family. We cannot recommend her more highly.”

The Duggan family

“I had determined to research the possibility of private education for our grandchildren. I was delighted to find The Rose Partnership. The founder (Stephanie Bell) responded to my enquiries immediately. Her deep knowledge of the market was soon obvious and I took much confidence from her advice and guidance."

“Following the call, within a matter of hours, Stephanie spoke to our son and his wife to take them through the process. And I should mention that this call happened late in the evening!

Stephanie’s attention to detail plus her passion for the best education for children sets The Rose Partnership apart from other organisations.

I would recommend The Rose Partnership wholeheartedly.”

The Grundy family